Our assembly portfolio

Escalators are our passion – we find an individual solution for all your needs.

Our offer includes the complete dismantling, truss installation (raw assembly), assembly as well as commissioning of your escalators and moving walks by our specialists.

Our experienced team unloads the escalators and moving walks from the truck and transports them to the installation site. With reasonable care, they place the truss sections on the supports, connect the truss parts and align them. After that they start with the final assembling of the unit.

If escalators and moving walks need to be dismantled, our fitters will ensure professional removal, transportation from the building and loading onto trucks for transport. If the escalators and moving walks are going to be reused, we offer you not only careful and damage-free removal but also the possibility of temporary storage in our warehouse (storage & warehousing).

If escalators and moving walks are not reused, we will take care of professional disposal.

We guarantee the professional repair of your escalators and moving walks, e.g.

  • Exchange of handrails
  • Renewal of all bearings
  • Exchange of the step chain
  • Replacement of the safety brake
  • Change of steps or pallets
  • Refurbishment
  • Exchange of electronic components (control cabinet, safety contacts, etc.)
  • and much more.

You want to upgrade your escalator to the state of the art without purchasing a new unit? We are your reliable Partner for modernization. We support you with technical know-how as well as competent execution.

Desire for a new escalator and no way to deinstall the truss without structural changes of the building?

Continue using the existing truss. The old mechanics and electrics will be completely disassembled and replaced by new components.

At our Warehouse located in Ebreichsdorf, we provide a large area to store escalator components and spare parts as well as the temporary storage of complete units before the project launch. Contact us!

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